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My name is Markus Raivio. I am 

Social entrepreneur and a Changemaker.

I help organizations to create ideas on how they can do things differently and better.

I was elected as an Ashoka Fellow,

"the World`s Leading Social Entrepreneur", in 2022.


 I am a social entrepreneur. I am a long-standing mental health professional, organization leader. I have developed many social innovations in the social and health sector, such as the GFP- framework for Culturehouses, Kukunori, Mission PropellerHeads, and the evaluation tool POKKA.

You can read my interview from Forbes- magazine from here.

I have a passion to solve challenging social problems and support change. I have come a long way from being a professional musician and producer to finding more meaning for myself and life. 


I am Kukunor's co-founder and full-time CEO. Kukunori is a national association for culture and well-being. I also work as the CEO of Muutostoimisto Ikinori Oy, owned by Kukunori. In addition to my main job, I can offer a limited number of services as a side job through our family business, Ascolta Oy, which was founded in 1993.


Most of all, I am a social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurs are experts and solvers of social issues; they are committed to the long-term development of the surrounding society and the well-being of others. The primary goal of a social entrepreneur is not to get financial gain but to solve a social problem. The goal is to do social good and be a change-maker.


My strengths are in implementing operating methods and developing organizational culture. My key competencies are in organizations with a developmental disability, mental health and substance abuse work, recovery-oriented work models for volunteering, employment and equality, digital platforms and services, and project-funded activities.


If you want to learn more about my training, work experience, and positions of trust, check out my Linkedin profile.

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